We Build Brands

Transforming ideas into profitable brands (that consumers love!)

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4 Step Approach to Build Brands

Here's how we do it...

1. Audit Ideas

We audit ideas to develop compelling products that people will buy.

  • Innovation
  • Product Market Fit
  • Engagement Test
  • Scalability Test

2. Brand Development

We develop quality products and services while maximizing ROI.

  • Design & Packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Storytelling
  • Full Stack Web Programming

3. New Customer Acquisition

Our core compentency is new customer acquisiton. We create content that compels people to buy while scaling with advanced data analytics.

  • Video & Content Creation
  • Copywriting & Landing Pages
  • Creative Advertisements that Sell
  • Visitor Journey & A/B Testing

4. Customer Fulfillment & Loyalty

We ship orders then engage with customers to build brand loyalty.

  • Full Service CRM
  • Shipping & Fulfillment
  • In-House Customer Support
  • Customer Behavior Tracking
  • Re-engaging Ad Campaigns
  • Advanced E-mail Flows
  • Upsales & Downsales

Real Results

How we're doing...

Organic & Paid Traffic

60% acquired with paid marketing, 40% acquired with organic traffic.

Diversified Portfolio

From dating websites to SaaS companies to consumer products.

50,000+ Ads Created

We've learned what works after creating 50,000 static and video ads.

210% Repeat Customer Rate

By focusing on brand loyalty we retain customers 300% better than the industry average.

New Projects

What we're building...

Natural Beauty Brand with 11+ SKUs

Consumer Goods

Public Records Service

Software as a Service

Technology Service for Company Formations

Software as a Service

Natural "PRO-AGE" Haircare Brand

Consumer Goods

Internal CRM

Software as a service

Dating Service


Supplement Brand

Consumer Goods

Server & Big Data Management


Artifical Intelligence


Full Stack Programming


Cryptocurrency Block Miners


Work With Us

We own and operate our own brands.

Please note we traditionally do not work for external brands, but we're always open to helping with your project or idea.

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